Horse Show Results

Abby Wallace

Aoife House

​Emma Marten

Gianna Gitterman

Astor Boering

Grace Mastropiero

Grace Anderson

Mariana Banco

Brenna Sculthorpe

Zoe Chubenko

​Marley Lubin

Isabel Thackery

The "Packer" of the Year award is awarded to the safest, most honest horse who works overtime to keep its rider safe.

Sponsored by Jubilee Stables

65 Cross RoadColts Neck , NJ 07722       (732) 803-0594

Courtney Tom

Darby Mazzarrisi

Emma McEwen

Gianna Zanghi

Grace Saad

Gretchen Lang

Isabella David

Jenna Mainero

Jillian Stevens

Jordan Elias

​Julia Kemly

2017 Miss Tiggywinkle Packer Challenge Nominees

Established in honor of Cinnamon Teal, a saintly pony in the show ring and hunt field.  The Challenge Cup Class will be held during the Finale Show on Sepetember 24, 2016. This trainer/exhibitor award will be awarded for excellence in horsemanship. At the end of each Regional Show, each judge will designate 3 riders they feel exemplify classic hunter style riding. The Challenge Cup is open to horses and ponies. A monteary award will go to the trainer and separate awards to rider and groom. There are no entry fees and this class will be held over a 1-round course at the exhibitors respective heights, with a flat phase for the final qualifyers.

Sponsored by Ellen Kelly, Gloria Nilson Realtors®

110 Avenue of Two Rivers, Rumson NJ       (732) 996-8020

Megan McCarthy

Meghan Throup

​Meredith Maxwell

Mimi Gochman

Olivia Thomas

Paige Hartman

​Rachel Schaeffer

​Rylynn Conway

Samantha Goldberg

Sophia Morales

Taylor Pruitt

​Zoe Kirsch

2017 Huddy Challenge

Katherine Sweetman

Katie Ray

Kaitlyn Sculthorpe

Kayla Melnizek

Kelly Ross

Kourtnaye Lewis

Leah Posner

Lela Schroeder

Lily Cosentino

Lindsay Knight

Lolly McLellan

2017 Cinnamon Teal Challenge Cup Qualifiers 

​Allesandra Veltri

Amanda Aptel

Amanda Prestigiacomo

Arielle LoGuidice

Ashley Delise

Ava Girdusky

Bianca Salituri

​Brianna Gonzalez

Brittany Barone

​Claire Chestnut

Cody Dalton

Low Child Adult Jumpers

Belladonna - Katie Hess

Café Centro - Cristina Fizzano

Dance of Jewels - Catalina Gonzalez

Finders Keepers - Claudine Dollinger

Gotcha - Rose Kane

Happy Feet - Minnie Hartman

Jet Pilot - Noa Zielinski

Shannondale Fair Play - Cassie Volikaas

Wipala - Jennifer Hillman

My Chevy - Emily Rowland

High Child Adult Jumper

Bonitha - Sarah Gordon

Britta of Berga - Jennie Towner

Dollar Di Ribano - Jayna Suoninen

Everythings Just Peachy - Jordan Ferrier

EZ to Spot - Devon Owen

Jumping to Conclusions - Carla Felzenberg

No Sunday Sales - Gabrielle Freund

Perseus - Nora Van Veen

Wasco - Rachel Miller

Wishful Thinking - Claudia Dollinger

Baroness de la Luz - Julianna Empie

Canterbury - Jocelyn Lobuono

Low Jr Amateur Jumper

Belladonna - Katie Pontone

Moystown Sarco - Cassie Volikas

Sofia Rodas

Natalia Rodas

Ava Biemuller

Amelia Lautenberg

Mikayla Stattel

Ava Guindo

Joey Roman

​Josephine Cassidy

Amanda Mazigliano

Itty Bitty

Chips Chiparoo - Adele Bender

Good Intentions - Meredith Medoway

​Highland Top of the Mark - Catalina Graziano

HIghland Top of the Mark - Cherry Brown

Lexinton - Samantha Dilea

Persuade - AshlyDegaetano

Persuade - Isabella DelNegro

Press for Time - Jacqueline Ganter

Sir Lancelot - Tiffany Scott

Trocadero - Amanda Faulkner

Level 0
Benjamin Buttons - Heather Moffit Senatore

Brownlands Macadamia - Lucy Wood

Castillo NRF - Haley Pair

Celestan - Dairon Dip

Cricket - Kendall Curtis

Greater Than Gold - Megan Blanchard

Lordsong - Leah Wild

Mister Twister - Antoinette Thaxton

Rue La La - Ava Kyranakis

The Gift - Christina Evnas

P.S. I Love You - Julia Furst

Country Boy - Sarah Dunlap

​Vanina MBF - Nicole Kapusta

Level 1/2

Armani - Lindsey DeLuca

Big Little Rascal - Olivia Stupp

Blue Monty - Laura Stickel

By Gosh - Wilhelmina Horzepa

Catch 22 - Emily Wasiak

Castle Creek - Jennie Towner

Castillo NRF - Cassidy Curtis

Cloudy Bay - Elvis Reyes

Explosive - Madison Day

Mister Twister - Erica Eckenhoff

Montage - Emma D'Emilia

New Detail Image - Lena Evers

Santa Maria - Helen Goddard

Alpine's Getaway - Tina Spadafora

Canadian Legs - Diana Shirk

Mere Raja - Kristin Anderson